Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Recognise I'M BAAAACK!

hey everybody!! for those of you that follow me, sorry i've been M.I.A on youtube & on here but i've been super busy bc for those of you that don't know... i had my first baby boy WESLEY CHARLS on June 11! (:but i'm back! & ready to start filming & blogging again! i also want to start freelancing already! but the only thing is i need more stuff in my make-up kit & being that i have no income, i need to find a way to make that money! so i'm hoping to get small gigs, & of coarse not gonna charge much for now but at least i'll be making a little here & there.. hopefully! also i want to start building my professional portfolio so hopefully i can find a photographer or model that is willing to do shoots for free but in exchange some pictures! so if you are reading this pls. spread the love! & if anybody needs their hair or makeup done just contact me by email at, or through facebook, here, or youtube! everything i earn will go into my make-up kit which means a couple steps closer to my pursuing my dream! thaaanks everybody!

much looove;Whitney

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