Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sally Hansen Airbrush Leg REVIEW!

hey guys! i did my first review & i swear it took like 20 million takes!
i wanted to do a review on this product bc it is by far the best product i bought for this spring/summer! can be found at CVS, Walgreens, or any drug store, i got it for $13.99!
- Covers & fades imperfections since it is enriched with Vitamin K
- Water-resistant so you can go swimming with it
- Spray-on for easier application
- Makes your legs look flawless
- Gives a nice, even, natural glow to your legs

- Stains hands
- May stain clothing so you should watch out for that
- Personally for me, only because i'm pregnant, its hard for me to bend over & apply

Other than that, i loove it! :)

how it says to apply it is to spray onto hands then to legs & blend evenly. let set for 60 seconds.
how i apply it is to start off by applying lotion then spray it on directly to my legs then with a kabuki brush buff the product evenly. let it set for 60 seconds then apply more lotion.

i find it a better way to use the kabuki brush bc one it gives you a more airbrushed look (think of how you would buff your foundation on your face) & two it doesn't stain you hands!

i wanted to show a demo on how to put it on but again preggggo belly was in the way so it was hard for me to film while bending or lifting my leg!

be sure to watch the review on youtube as well! hope all was helpful & makes you wanna get this product :) thanks!