Wednesday, April 28, 2010


so i wanted to start posting blogs bc i do wanna start doing hauls, reviews, hair & makeup tutorials, fashion videos & much more on my YT channel then post it here. i know i love reading about the hauls, reviews, OOTD, & alla that just as much as i love watching it!

let me tell you a little about myself in a quick little summary of how i got here...
i started off wanting to style hair & went to beauty school. a few months later i found out i was pregnant then dropped out, you can call me frenchy! haha, since i had nothing to do i would forever be on the laptop & watch a lot of videos on YT esp. hair & makeup tutorials. i never wanted to make videos until i seen contests which i've found to love. first all i wanted to do were contests but my friend told me that i should start making live videos & tutorials since i get a lot of questions on how to do this, what i use, etc. i was nervous at first & kinda still am! i'm just now getting comfortable to talking to a camera but its hard for me to show my true personality for some reason. i'm still embarrassed off my first live tutorial bc in the beginning that really did not sound like me! but whateverr it was my first video & i wanna keep it up so i could see how much i've progressed! i wanna make as many videos as i can now before the baby comes cuz i know after he is here, i won't have as much time!

i'm not big on YT, i'm just starting out. hopefully one day i will be one of those known gurus out there that really helps everyone! but i don't want ppl to subscribe to me unless they are interested in my videos! so we'll seeee!

well sorry if alla this was boring you but i figured you might wanna know a little about me before you start subscribing & following me! expect to see some new videos, not only contest entries, so check out my YT channel! (

thanks for reading! :)

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